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Pet Resources

Welcome to our resources page. At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital, we take pride in the businesses and people we associate with, as well as the quality and accuracy of the information we continually gather. In the spirit of always doing what's best for our patients and their owners, we feel it is appropriate to share these resources with you.

Recommended Links

We maintain the highest standards when it comes to the businesses and individuals we consider associates. The same holds true for the sources of information we utilize. Visit our recommended links for a list of links to some of our favorite businesses, people, and informational websites.

Hospital News, a.k.a. "Bossman's Page"

You may be asking yourself, "Who's Bossman?" If so, here is the story…

Years ago, the dental office next door had been feeding a stray cat they had thought to be feral. After several weeks, the workers brought the cat to our hospital so he could be neutered. As part of the procedure, Dr. Toth examined the regal-looking, black and white domestic cat. By the end of the examination, the doctor realized two things. The cat was not feral, and he had a personality bigger than life. To make a short story shorter, the staff at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital adopted the cat and because of his undeniable swagger, we named him "Bossman."

Bossman can now be seen roaming the halls of our hospital and manning the reception area like he runs the place. He is an iconic figure here, and everyone who meets him loves him. Considering his influence and status, we felt it only appropriate to give him his own page on our website. After all, who better to fill you in on hospital news than the feline who thinks he's in charge.

Interested in reading what's on Bossman's mind?

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